FairSHiP is the simulation & reconstruction framework based on FairROOT&ROOT.

For creating a SHiP user account at CERN, follow this link.

Git site with installation details: https://github.com/ShipSoft/FairShip


Short description of FairShip


Current simplistic framework for the geometry setup


now integrated in the FairShip build procedure, standalone compilation explained here 

running simulation / reconstruction

configurable run_simScript:
python ../FairShip/macro/run_simScript.py --help
enter --Pythia8/6 to generate events with Pythia8/6 or --Genie for reading and processing neutrino interactions
python ../FairShip/macro/run_simScript.py --Genie -n 10000
FairShip setup for Genie to produce 10000 events

python ../FairShip/macro/run_simScript.py --Pythia8 -n 100 --display  # save special tracks for event display

python ../FairShip/macro/ShipReco.py -f name-of-input-file  # obtained from printout of simulation step

python ../FairShip/macro/ShipAna.py -f name-of-input-file  # as above, but with xxx_rec.root