genfit installation standalone, not anymore needed now integrated in FairShip build process

svn checkout genfit-code

included now in FairShip together with changes to be used from Python and adding a (Ship)BellField

Instructions for standalone usage:

  1.  mkdir genfit-build, cd genfit-build

  2. cmake ../genfit-code

  3. make install

  4. make tests

  5. cd ../genfit-code/test

  6. root -l makeGeom.C; cp genfitGeom.root ../../genfit-build/bin

  7.  cd ../../genfit-build/bin

  8. ./minimalFittingExample

with Python:

  1. cd ../genfit-code/test
  2. python -i ../../FairShip/macro/

configurable run_simScript:
python ../FairShip/macro/ --help
enter --Pythia8/6 to generate events with Pythia8/6 or --Genie for reading and processing neutrino interactions
python ../FairShip/macro/ --Genie -n 10000
FairShip setup for Genie to produce 10000 events

python ../FairShip/macro/ --Pythia8 -n 100 --display  # save special tracks for event display