SHiP - Search for Hidden Particles



Experiment at the SPS Beam Dump Facility to Search for Hidden Particles

SHiP and the associated SPS Beam Dump Facility is a new general-purpose experiment proposed at the SPS to search for "hidden" particles as predicted by a very large number of recently elaborated models of Hidden Sectors which are capable of accommodating dark matter, neutrino oscillations, and the origin of the full baryon asymmetry in the Universe. The experiment is design to search for any type of very weakly interacting long-lived particles, among which are found e.g. heavy neutral leptons, dark photons , dark scalars, axion-like particles, and light supersymmetric particles - sgoldstinos, etc, as well as different types of Light Dark Matter.The high intensity of the SPS and in particular the large production of charm mesons and photons with the 400 GeV proton beam allow a comprehensive search at the MeV-GeV scale over many orders of magnitude in coupling. The detector incorporates two complementary apparatuses which are capable of searching for hidden particles through both visible decays and through scattering signatures from recoil of electrons or nuclei. Moreover, the facility is ideally suited to study the interactions of tau neutrinos.
SHiP is currently a collaboration of 54 institutes from 18 countries. Groups interested in joining should contact Andrey Golutvin and Eric van Herwijnen.  



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